sell your car today fast! If you have a car for sale no doubt you have begun shopping around for the best places to advertise your car with the best possible chance of making the sale. There are many different platforms that will allow you to post your ad, but which will give you the highest chance of moving your car along?

Let’s look at the online car sale giants a little closer…

The figures are:

  • 178,814 cars on average advertised on Gumtree
  • 224,032 cars on average advertised on Car sales

With high numbers like this, chances are your car ad will be competing against others that may be listed cheaper or in a better condition. If you’re looking to sell your car in a hurry, these may not be the best solution for you. There are many other solutions of how to sell your car. Some people turn to social media to blindly advertise to their friends and family, others spend high amounts on ads posted in newspapers or websites.

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You can easily avoid tyre-kickers or low offers, and photo and detail exchanges by using Sell Your Car Today.

Sell Your Car Today even have a valuation tool that draws pricing from live market data to determine a fair price for your vehicle.

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